SS Nailsea Court, Merchant Navy Ship, Lost in the Battle of The Atlantic, March 1943

This article is devoted to the memory of the officials and men of the SS Nailsea Court who were lost in real life during the Clash of The Atlantic on the tenth Walk 1943.

Outline of Occasions – ss Nailsea Court

The SS Nailsea Court was possessed by E.R. The board Co. LTD (Evans and Reid) – Cardiff and was worked in 1936 by the Bantham Steamship Co. Ltd. Her GRT was 4946.

On the tenth Walk 1943 she was obliterated and soaked in the Atlantic, South of Reykjavik in place 58.45N 21.57W by U-229 (Directed by Oberleutant Schetelig), a piece of the ‘Ostmark’ watch gathering of eleven U-boats.

Her last journey was as a component of Caravan SC 121 which involved 57 boats. The entry was from Beira, Mozambique to become a payment service provider York 23.2.43 and afterward London. The Nailsea Court was conveying 2 travelers and 7661 tons of general freight including 650 tons of copper bars, 800 tons of nickel metal and asbestos.

The Expert, Capt. Robert James Lee (matured 46 and from Penarth, South Grains), 33 group, 9 heavy weapons specialists and travelers were lost. One group part was protected by the salvage transport Melrose Convent 1908/29 (Instructed by Capt Ralph Great OBE) and arrived at Gourock 13.3.43; One more 3 team were saved by RCN corvette Dauphin 925/40 (K.157) (Told by Lt M.H. Wallace) and arrived at Londonderry 13.3.43.

Getting through Official from the Nailsea Court, Mr H C Bette, gave an emotional direct record of the evenings horrible occasions.

What was the fate of the U-229?

Oberleutnant zur See Robert Schetelig and his team of 49 were accordingly lost in the North Atlantic on the 22nd September 1943 when the U-229, then piece of the ‘Leuthen’ watch gathering of nineteen U-boats, was sunk by profundity charges, gunfire and slamming while at the same time going after caravan ON 202 containing 38 boats in the Atlantic 430 miles ESE of Cape Goodbye, in place 54.36N 36.25W by HM destroyer pioneer Keppel 1750/20 (D.84) (Cdr M.J.Evans) of Escort Gathering B.

Commandant Evans was hence lost in real life on the seventh May 1944.

A remembrance to the Group of the Nailsea Court and any remaining shipper men lost can be found at Pinnacle Slope London.

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