“Raffle for Charity: Tapping into Generosity, One Ticket at a Time”


A cost-effective way to raise funds is to host a “chain of hearts” fundraiser. The idea is simple, and all you do is sell paper hearts to your congregation for a small fee.

The hearts will go on a wall or a specifically prepared space, and the paper heart will contain small messages from the donors to the church. Using paper hearts, or whichever shape you choose, is raffle for charity cheap, and it is easy to draw attention to your fundraiser.

  1. Speed Dating

Finding someone with the same values as you in the dating pool can be tricky. However, this could be ideal if your congregation has a more significant number of singles. First, you can raffle for charity a low entrance fee and reasonably priced food and drinks. Then, using a space like a hall, you can set up a speed dating area with chairs, tables, and decorations.

Donors could find love by donating to a worthy cause!

  1. Dog Walking


If you have dog owners in your area, dog walking is a great way to raise money. In addition, you can post flyers around town and near the church and create a social media page to raise awareness of your fundraiser.

Pet owners should have harnesses and leads, meaning this activity should be inexpensive because all you need to do is give it some time to walk the dogs. You raise money each time you take the raffle for charity out for a walk.

  1. Create A Campaign Website

To raise awareness and attract donors online, you need a well-structured website. A robust website can inform and appeal to the nature of people, helping you secure the funding you need!

An easy-to-operate webpage with a user-friendly UX design that is eye-catching will make it more likely for your page to be shared and for others to donate to it.

  1. Burrito Mile

Burrito miles are a fun way to make running a 5k more exciting. The burrito mile involves sponsoring a runner and making all race participants eat a burrito before they start. Runners with huge raffle for charity will love this idea. They can be sponsored and can enter the race for a small fee.

  1. Books For Bucks

Get rid of clutter and allow others to delight in books you no longer use! Books for bucks is a great way to raise funds and encourage reading among your congregation. So many people buy books and never read them, or read them once and leave them on the shelves. Why not give someone else the joy of losing themselves in the pages of a book you no longer use for a good cause?

  1. T-Shirt Campaign

T-shirt campaigns are a fantastic way to create one-of-a-kind merchandise for a good cause. You can advertise two kinds of t-shirts, one general design with your fundraiser’s name and a second t-shirt that allows donors to personalize their t-shirts.

By partnering with, you can sell personalized designs, and the money raised from the sales will be sent directly to your church! In addition, T-shirt Campaigns are an excellent way to give donors memorabilia of raffle for charity fundraiser and persuade them to donate again.

  1. Car Wash


In the summer heat, a great way to raise funds is to host a car wash. Car washes are known to bring in a variety. Of crowds and are usually welcomed by garages and gas stores. You can put up flyers advertising your event and stand ready in the church parking lot for your customers with your soap and water.

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