Leading advocacy for immigrants and refugees

 Leading advocacy for immigrants and refugees

the Trump administration has launched a slew of attacks on immigrants: removing protections for hundreds of thousands of immigrants,   and long-term U.S. residents; detaining and deporting parents of U.S.-citizen children; and Faithful connections

continuously targeting some of the most  people. In response to   women of faith have called for immigrant justice in their local communities and beyond. Social justice activists such  — who helped organize a day of action for the Muslim and Jewish communities in solidarity with immigrants—were arrested at the U  was not only the first Hispanic woman elected as a bishop to the United Methodist Church, but she has also long   immigrant rights, even testifying  .

Today, approximately   refugees worldwide are women and girls seeking safety and economic opportunity in new countries. In their journeys toward refuge, they are   to sex trafficking, in which   are women and girls. Yet faith leaders such as Nadia Murad Basee Taha are fighting to ensure the safety and success of these affected communities. After escaping Islamic State captivity, Taha became a Yazidi human rights advocate and is now the U.N. Office on Drugs and  . She  .


The historical contributions and leadership of women in religious communities are paramount. While the fight for women’s equality has persisted for years, there remains much room for progress. Women faith leaders are defying the limitations that society has historically placed on them in houses of worship, politics, activism, and society more broadly. Moving forward, women will continue to rise in all areas of public life, and in faith communities in particular, as an integral part of the rising tide of women’s leadership and the continuing fight for gender equality.




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