4 Natural Paint Removers for Every Surface

 4 Natural Paint Removers for Every Surface

Removing or  es paint differently and every type of paint reacts differently to the surfaces. Add in environmental conditions and paint removal takes a bit of study and, usually, some elbow boya sökücü jel

grease to accomplish.

For years, most professional painters and do-it-yourselfers have relied on chemical-based paint strippers. While they can do a good job, many are also highly toxic to humans and the environment. Improper use of chemical strippers can cause damage to the respiratory system, brain, nervous system, and skin.1

One of the worst offenders and potentially deadly chemicals in paint strippers is methylene chloride.1 Major home improvement stores have pulled products that contain the chemical from their shelves, but it is still readily available.

Before you tackle   job, take time to read the labels on commercial paint strippers. In addition to methylene chloride, active ingredients that are potentially dangerous to your health include toluene, methanol, and acetone.1

There   on the market. If you choose to use a chemical-based stripper, choose a paste formula that is less volatile and toxic because it produces   than a liquid formula. Read the instructions carefully and always wear protective gear including safety glasses, gloves, and a mask.



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